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School Programs

The Bennett Centre offers hands-on school programs that actively engage students in specific grade-level curriculum.


Mini Makerspace Kit

Take the prep work out of teaching your next unit! Book your mini makerspace kit from the Bennett Centre, and give your students a hands-on, hassle-free learning experience.

To book a kit, please call Metro Continuing Education at 780-428-1111.

Now available:

Grade 4 Vehicles and Devices Makerspace Kit

  • $25 per group, up to 35 students
  • Kit pick-up at the Bennett Centre (Monday / Tuesday, 11am - 6pm)
  • Available now until February 26, 2021

Kit contents:

  • plastic paddles
  • styrofoam trays
  • coroplast platform
  • bottle cap wheels
  • dowels
  • straws
  • student booklet
  • answer key

Suggested additional materials (not included): popsicle sticks, recyclable materials, paper fasteners, skewers, paper, and balloons.

Vehicles and Devices Kit

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